Official Notice from TCSD

TCSD has given TESPA official notice that we are below the required 50% to be recognized as a negotiating party for the support professionals for the Tooele County School District. If the numbers to not got back to 50% or higher, this will be the last year we have a seat at the negotiating table and any all previously negotiated items may no longer be in effect.

We need everyone to help spread the word and try and get our membership back up. There have been other areas where they have lost the ability to negotiate and are left with taking whatever is given without any say or representation. Please help share the word and the gravity of the situation we are in.


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Negotiated Agreement 2016-2017

The negotiated agreement for this next school year  is up on our site. Thank you to all of you who came to our planning meeting as well as our mass meeting. Negotiations went well this year and there were many positive things that came from it. A special thanks to the negotiation team for all their hard work to get this accomplished.

Help if you can

TESPA is deeply saddened by the tragic loss that hit our community last night. If anyone would like to help here is from information from Tooele County School District:

Updated information:
1) Displaced families are to still come to West Elementary and check-in with the Red Cross.
2) The Tooele Fire-Relief Fund has been established for donations. A donation can be made at any Zions Bank.
3) For all other donations (food, clothes, etc.) go to www.TCEM.org for designated donation sites.
For more information call the live shelter hotline numbers at: