Get out and vote

The executive board of TESPA supports this bond and encourages everyone to vote yes in favor of the bond. We feel this is what is best for the students and communities involved and is smart timing and planning by the district. Polls close at 8:00 PM. If you don’t know where to go check here: http://vote.utah.gov/12196291_1196927200322605_6562291409852867214_n[1]


15-16 TENTATIVE Agreement

Here is the TENTATIVE agreement that your negotiating team has come up with. It was shared with everyone who attended our mass meeting on June 29th. It was discussed and voted upon to accept the agreement. This is still dependent upon approval by the school board.

Some of the highlights are:
Steps for all ESP’s
.5% on lane 17
Lane changes for certain positions to help our salary schedule more closely match other districts
.10 increase to all head custodian positions
.25 to Para-educators in severe behavior units
District will fund insurance increase


15-16 TESPA Negotiated Agreement PROPOSAL

We will be signing this at the board meeting on Tuesday night, please come out and show your support.


Ratification Mass Meeting

We have finished up negotiations for the year and now we need you to come to the mass meeting to ratify the agreement.
This is also the time for nominations for the executive board positions.
If you are interested in running please be sure that you are nominated or feel free to nominate your self. This is a great opportunity to help shape TESPA and the work that is done. If you know of someone that you think would do a great job, make sure they get nominated. They can always decline if they are not interested, but you never know who is waiting to serve.
The mass meeting will be at Settlement Canyon Elementary  in the community room at 5:30 PM on Monday June 29th.

Mass Meeting Thursday March 5th at 5:00 PM Settlement Canyon Elemntary

It is very important that you attend this meeting!

We are starting the negotiation process and need your help. This is a very important part of what the Association does for you, and we need to hear from you.

Please come to the mass meeting prepared to discuss your ideas and concerns.

Please bring along someone who is not yet a member, if they want to have the opportunity to give input they can sign up there.

ESP Day Nov 19th

Today is National Education Support Professional Day!

Thank you to you for the work you do on behalf of the students of TCSD.

“ESPs make up nearly 40% of the school workforce. They work together daily with teachers and administrators to create and maintain schools as safe and supportive learning environments. They are the superheroes, the unsung heroes who meet the needs of the whole student — physical, mental, emotional, and social.”